The Green Branch

The best time to plant a tree

The only way to make large-scale impact is large-scale thinking. By making carbon credits available and affordable to all, we restore degraded land. We deploy new agri-technology to help you compensate your carbon emissions.

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We don't plant trees, we build ecosystems

The Green Branch is your partner in carbon compensation and encourages companies and individuals to partake in landscape restoration and reforestation projects worldwide, making way for positive change. We enable this by making sustainable (agro) forestry plans for degraded land and act as a marketplace for selling carbon credits.

Carbon credits

As a means to landscape restoration

Through transparency of the data from the field and certification of the projects, everyone can offset their irreducible emissions. Together we take the next step towards a carbon neutral company.

Measurable impact

For people, planet and profit

Forests grow progressively throughout the years and the quality of soil improves significantly. Through good care and monitoring, ecological indicators improve and return on land increases.


To kick-start nature

Nature has had its own success formula for millions of years. By using technology we can make the most efficient use of land. Also, it allows us to make projections about how the ecosystem will develop.

You can get involved!

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent a night with a mosquito. We are always looking for new partners, farmers and heroes to help us grow our forests.

The Green Branch

The Green Branch is all of us and growing every day. We believe in collaboration and bring together everyone needed to restore degraded land. Below you can see the team, excluding all local farmers, stakeholders and scientists who make it possible.

Jacob Hietink


Kasper Kupperman


Wienke Schouwink

Chief Marketing & Sustainability

Reinier Hietink

Chief of Finance

Rein Vehmeijer

Head of Business Development


Just like the ones we build, The Green Branch also has its own ecosystem. These heroes make it possible to build healthy ecosystems!

Get involved

We know you want to get your hands dirty. You can find answers to most of you questions in the FAQ. If you have any more questions or wanting to partner up, get in touch!

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