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Nature-Based Solutions

Closing the investment gap for nature

Our mission

We are in debt with nature, but we can turn it around.

Through centuries of emissions and landscape conversion, we are now facing the biggest challenge in human history. Now, more than ever, we need our natural environment and it’s stewards to build an economy to last.

The Green Branch is on a mission to leverage nature-based solutions to restore nature, achieve net zero before 2050 and help business to be more purpose-driven.

What we stand for

Our vision

Restore and protect nature for a liveable future


Closing the financing gap for nature based climate projects with carbon finance


Reduce and remove 1 giga tonne of CO2 by 2040

How we do this.

Our nature based approach

Who We Are

The Green Branch is an Amsterdam-based project developer of Nature-Based Solutions in developing countries.


With projects in Brazil and Africa we accelarate the development of high quality carbon projects.

Our experienced team brings innovative techniques and timeless insights to provide you with the best possible solutions.

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